Balboa Park Engagement Session

Okay, seriously. This E-Session by Amanda K Photography is just too perfect. Before even seeing the photos, reading Jessica’s account of their relationship, and their feelings between each other, we knew this session was going to be gorgeous. Not only are Jessica & Jeff a gorgeous couple, but you can just tell they’re so madly in love. We can’t even say enough about this session; you’ll just have to see for yourself!

Their love story: Four years ago we were introduced by mutual friends. We met for the first time in May; met for the second time in June, became an official couple in July, and were madly in love by August. Since then we both started and completed law school, sat for the California Bar Exam, and enjoyed plenty of romantic library study dates! 

Through it all, we have grown deeper and more honestly in love. We have grown beyond the infatuation; beyond the blissful blindness of new love. We have celebrated each other during extreme happiness and supported each other during extreme struggle. We have lifted one another up and have found security in feeling safely vulnerable and fulfilled. Yet, the passion remains and our loyal devotion is stronger than ever. This is truly what love is all about.

How he proposed: During a family vacation up the coast and into Oregon, Jeff surprised me by whisking me off on a mini getaway of our own. We arrived in Portland, Oregon in the evening, had a nice dinner, and then called it a night in a local hotel. Jeff woke me up bright and early the next day, despite my confusion (it was still dark out!), and we drove out to Multnomah Falls. We got there right when the sun was coming up and peaking through the trees. After Jeff called both of my parents to receive their blessing during a rather long "bathroom break", we started on our hike. We reached a bridge that overlooks the falls and just stood there taking in the beauty. There was one other couple on the bridge who snapped out photo and then in a blink of an eye they were gone. It was just us and the waterfall. We crossed the bridge and rounded the corner which put us a bit closer to the falls. As I took photo after photo, listening to the rush of the water and feeling the mist touch my skin, I turned around to see Jeff down on one knee. He put a ring on my finger, told me he'd love me forever, and asked if I would do the same. I said yes. We laughed and cried and cried and laughed. It was magic.

About their shoot: We literally planned our wedding according to photographer Amanda Rigiero's availability. We had met her once before at another wedding and were instantly drawn to her creative and sensitive eye and her passion for truly capturing the feeling of love in a picture. Jessica was born and raised in San Diego and the couple pride themselves on being tourists in their own city. Balboa park oozes with regal beauty and history. We knew it was the perfect place to take our engagement pictures. Amanda was able to see vision in areas of the park that we would not have been able to, and we are in awe of how beautifully they turned out!

Photographer: Amanda K Photography | Venue: Balboa Park, San Diego