Charming Motorcycle Engagement Session

Couples who radiate love and beauty are always the most fun to shoot, Kaysha Weiner Photography must have had a blast with this couple. The light was to die for, the location was flawless, and that motorcycle brings in a perfect amount of edginess and personal flair for the couple. This couple is a textbook example of “when you know, you know!”, and the we whole heartedly agree they are a beautiful pair.

Their love story: Let me start off by saying, Justin and I were set up by a mutual friend and neither one of us had any intention of six months going by and Justin on one knee proposing! We thought it would be a fun casual night with friends eating at a local sushi spot but in reality I was looking at my future husband! Justin and I obviously didn’t waste much time, but as I had always heard, “when you know, you know!” and boy did we ever. It felt like an endless summer of bbq’s with friends, vacations, baseball games and of course, Harley rides! 

The proposal: I had meeting with a bride at Laguna Cliffs Marriott in Dana Point and when I was walking out of the hotel, I saw a blacked out Harley and instantly thought, there’s no way that’s Justins! But sure enough it was, and there he was waving in his cowboy boots and torn jeans (side note, those boots were what he wore on our first date, they make me weak!). I was shocked, and when I asked what he was doing there, he ever so smoothly told me that he wanted to surprise me and take me on a ride down the coast to lunch. I being the gullible one that I am, believed him and off we went! After a few stops, and small surprises we ended up at a place in Laguna called, the “Top of the World”. It was gorgeous! I remembered he had said he brought his go-pro so he could film the sunset so he once again, ever so smoothly he “forgot” it and ran down to the Harley to get the go-pro and a little something else that sparkles!

After some time walking around and talking I noticed he wouldn’t sit down. I asked him to relax and watch the sunset and instead after a few deeps breaths (pumping himself up!) he picked me up spun me around, promptly put me back down and got down on one knee! This was it! He was asking me to marry him! I couldn’t believe it, and before I could say yes, I said, “HOLY ROCK!” and then realized he was waiting for an answer. Of course I said yes, with bright eyes and the biggest smile. It was the best moment, and one that the both of us still like to relive by watching the footage and just laugh remembering such a special moment.

About their shoot: We had the greatest time shooting with Kaysha, the entire session was full of laughs! We asked if we could involve the Harley because that's how he proposed and she loved the idea! We wanted to be our authentic selves in the photos so we kept it fresh and simple. Although, on our first date Justin wore Cowboy boots and he also did when he proposed so we made sure he wore those in the shoot as well. 

We are so blessed that God brought us to one another, and are so excited to start our lives together! Kaysha captured such a special day at our engagement shoot, and we can’t wait for her to capture the day we become Mr. & Mrs. Traver!

Photographer: Kaysha Weiner Photography