Charming Brookside Equestrian Center Wedding from Eyelet Images

"Our wedding was a simply a magical and surreal it felt as thought we were living out our very own real life fairytale. Jamie and I had met at work during rehearsals for a show at the Disneyland Resort. And as simple as that sounds, our story was anything but. We were rehearsing for an epic, larger-than-life show and when we met, it was life changing, magical and I knew that our worlds would never be the same. We were performing in a show surrounded by the world's most famous fairytales and little did we know but we were about to start our very own. We had both individually been through and overcome so much in our lives and when I met Jamie I could quite literally feel the pieces of my heart falling into place. He changed my world and everything in it and little did I know, but he felt the exact same way..." -the bride

About their weddingOur wedding story officially began on a perfect summer's day in New York City's Central Park where Jamie proposed on the most beautifully grand bridge in the middle of the park. Apparently, he had big plans for our story and it seemed only fitting that he would surprise me so incredibly in one of our favorite places on one of our many adventures together. From that moment, we couldn't help but have our hearts set on recreating the same beautiful atmosphere for our wedding. When I pictured marrying Jamie, I pictured intimate gardens and twinkling lights that were straight out of the whimsical tales that I had always adored and our hearts were instantly drawn to the sweeping landscape and natural beauty of Brookside Equestrian Center. Once we saw it, we knew that there was no where else we'd would rather start our life together than under two majestic olive trees at sunset. The white stables and picket fences accented the gorgeous greenery, vintage crystal chandeliers and picturesque landscape in such a way that made the quaint riding area just as beautiful and different as Central Park had been. All of the other details fell quickly into place as the Wedding Day helped personally customize my dress, our florist Sharen created the most romantic flowers imaginable and our wedding coordinators helped us design and handpick the most adorable vintage props to accent our wedding space. Our love story is unlike any that I had read and dreamed about growing up and our coordinators helped us carry out the theme of a timeless love story throughout our wedding. From our travels together, to the vintage books that inspired our own love notes to each other, we were able to add our story into a space that looked like it belonged right out of chapter from Pride & Prejudice. And our wedding day was exactly that. A beautiful chapter in our very own fairytale.

While the entire day was filled with so much happiness and love, my favorite snapshots included having our dog Garvey walk down the aisle with some of our ring bearers, seeing all of our friends and family in one space, and laughing and crying through some of the most beautiful speeches and sentiments from our loved ones. Most especially though, I loved every moment with Jamie. From the surprising dip during our first kiss as husband and wife, to taking pictures and basking in our quiet moments together, to our first dance where we whispered promises to each other...every hug, kiss, wink and laugh was just as breathtaking as it had been when we met and there are no words or love stories that could bottle the love and joy (and tears!) that we felt on that perfect day!

Wedding planning adviceEnjoy it. Love it. Take a moment to breathe and think about the love you two share and the step you're taking together. It's all so worth it...the planning, late nights and the craziness that can sometimes lead up to the big day... but on that day, nothing else matters. Its just the two of you and its the most beautiful thing in the world. So my only advice would be to love all of it. Love planning, love dreaming, love each other. Plan every last detail and then on your wedding day, just enjoy it! Take it all in because its your special day and its finally here!!

Vendors: Photographer: Eyelet Images | Venue: Brookside Equestrian Center in Walnut | Wedding gown: Martina Liana | Bridal Boutique: The Wedding Day | Florals: Sharen Cosbey | Wedding cake: Beverly's Best Bakery | Wedding planner: Rose Wade Events | DJ: Creative DJs | Groom's Suit: Hugo Boss | Invitations: Native Bear

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