A Nautical-Inspired Country Club Wedding

"It felt that a nautical themed wedding would best suit us considering I was the nurse marrying the sailor ;) We both decided that we had TWO favorite moments. The first one was during dinner. We were sitting at a sweetheart table together overlooking all our guest; we both felt such an immense amount of love, laughed, and excitement in the room. Everyone was there to celebrate and love us! I remember us saying how we wished time could just stop. We felt so blessed to have such an intimate and personal relationship with each and every person there. It was an incredibly humbling experience and a moment we will both forever cherish. Our second favorite wedding day moment was staying up till 3am in the hotel laughing, exchanging funny stories, looking at pictures our friends had texted us, and eating the cake we were to preoccupied to eat at the wedding (the cake was AMAZING, I think we enjoyed it more at the hotel than we would have at the venue anyway! I would encourage couples to take cake with them!!). Overall, it was an amazing day! We both feel like we got the better end of the bargain." -bride & groom

About their wedding: Planning our wedding was a little difficult. Not because we are picky people or I was a "bridezilla" (at least I hope I wasn't!!), but rather because we were living in Virginia planning a wedding for 150 people back in California! My husband had just returned from a 8 month deployment serving in Afghanistan, so thankfully my wonderful mother-in-law, mom, and wedding coordinator (Lauren Mills) took care of most of the fine details using my pinterest as their guide. The most important detail in our wedding was not the cake, signature drink, choreographed dance, picture slideshow, first look, or even the venue. The most important detail was that we were safely back together, with all the family and friends who prayed for us while my husband was gone.

Vendors: Venue: Talega Golf Club in San Clemente | Photographer: Brett Hickman Photographers | Bridal Boutique: Blush Bridal Boutique | Wedding Cake: It's All About The Cake | Event Planner: Elated Events