Carpinteria Bluffs Engagement Session

"We spent weeks on Pinterest gathering ideas. There were so many great photos with so many different themes, ranging from rustic barns to sunsets on the beach. We wanted them all! I mentioned to Hannah that we wanted to somehow get both the rustic AND beach theme in one shoot. I also mentioned that I had a million props from Etsy and that we wanted to incorporate our dogs. Although we had an overwhelmingly long list of ideas, Hannah was really flexible and found us the perfect location! Not only, did she incorporate ALL of our props, but she found the perfect location." -Julia & Bryce

Their love story: As I entered the dingy dive-bar, a local watering hole for the old locals and young college kids alike, it didn't feel like that night would be anything special. I stood at the bar, and scoped out the room for some familiar faces. The stench of stale beer wafted through the air, a karaoke-ier crooned something about the smell of wine and cheap perfume, and I continued to scan the room. Suddenly my eyes met the most beautiful pair of hazel eyes I had ever seen. She looked anxious; she looked like she needed help. I stepped toward her but hesitated a bit. She then walked up to me and gave me a hug like we were old friends. Confused, I hugged her back. She later explained that she was being harassed by another guy at the bar and was looking for her friends when she spotted me. She took that as an opportunity to get away from the drunk man trying to take her home. I had saved her! I guess you could call me her prince charming.

Three drinks later, a mortgage, and two puppies...we're engaged!

The proposal story: I proposed at sea on a week long Caribbean cruise. On the last day I surprised her with reservations at an exclusive dinner with the head chef. The dinner flew by as we ate delicious food paired with even more delicious wine. After the final entree was cleared from the table, a few tense moments (for me anyway) went by, and dessert was served. Everyone at the chef's table received a chocolate dish, except Julia. She was presented with a black box on a silver platter.

The elderly lady sitting to the right of me croaked "Why does she get something special"?

I turned to her an replied "Because she is special." I then bent down to one knee, opened the little black box, and popped the question.

Although we do not have photos of that event (and I'll never hear the end of it), I'll never forget the look of shear joy on her face as I asked her to marry me.