Griffith Park Engagement Session

"In July of 2012, the vacant apartment beneath Spencer's became occupied by a beautiful brunette named Elizabeth. Unfortunately for Spencer, she wouldn't give him the time of day and their relationship consisted of her not knowing his name and him trying to slip in the casual, "Hi" as they passed each other going to and fro. 

Spencer had been attending a small group from his church that met at a friends house a few blocks from his apartment. One Wednesday evening, he had arrived early to group when none other than his cute neighbor Elizabeth walked in to join the meeting.

After confirming she recognized him upon entering the apartment (He later learned she had zero recollection of who he was), he offered her a ride home and thus began the three month campaign of winning her affection, while trying not to be a creepy neighbor in the process.

With lots of help from a couple friends and by the grace of God, he got that first date, and the rest is history." -Spencer & Elizabeth

How he proposed: Spencer surprised Elizabeth with what she thought was an impromptu trip home to Minneapolis to spend time visiting her family. Unbeknownst to her, he had planned the entire weekend in advance down to the last detail.

On Saturday, February 1st, after a day of sledding and sight seeing in the snow, they planned to attend a quiet dinner with Elizabeth's best friend and her husband. Having grown up in southern California, Spencer was quite fascinated by the prospect of walking on a frozen lake and requested making a stop to walk on frozen Lake Nokomis in South Minneapolis. Elizabeth was quite agitated, but Spencer insisted. 

After getting nervous and stalling by both singing and dancing, he proposed to her on top of the lake in sub-zero weather. They both warmed up at Lauryn and Sebastian's home and were surprised by Elizabeth's entire family, hiding in the kitchen.

Elizabeth was then informed that Spencer had flown to Minnesota the weekend before under the guise of helping his best friend, Bradley move. He had asked her parents for their permission to marry her and had driven all over Minneapolis and St. Paul with her best friend and sister to scout the perfect spot to propose. Her family couldn't have been happier to be included in all the surprises.

Vendor: Photographer: Gina & Ryan Photography