Palm Springs Desert Engagement Session

"Since the wedding is going to be in Palm Desert and we love being outdoors, we figured it would also be the best place to take our engagement photos and capture the natural beauty of the desert and everything we love so much about the area.

We did two different "scenes." The first scene is our casual look - we took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the top of the mountain for that segment of the photo shoot. You feel like you're anywhere BUT in Palm Springs up there. It's very forest-y looking, about 30 degrees cooler and in the winter you will find snow up there, hence why you see some snow in those photos. 

For the second scene, we decided to do a more elegant look as well as capture the desert landscape and particularly the wind turbines, or "giant windmills" as we call them. 

We are thrilled with how the photos came out and know they are photos we will admire for many years to come. Our photographer did an incredible job of making us feel comfortable and like ourselves, from start to finish. This helped capture mine & Steve's true love for & happiness with one another." -the couple

The ProposalAbout three years ago, we spent a weekend in Catalina Island and noticed they had a zip line tour. Steve was itching to go but I was terrified to try it out. Fast forward to early 2014, I bought tickets to the zip line tour as a gift for Steve's Birthday and figured we could make a day trip to the island and out of it. Steve later surprised me with reservations to a nice hotel room on the island so we could make a weekend out of it. 

That Friday we took the ferry ride to the island and checked in to our hotel in the afternoon. The hotel was so darling! Our room had a relaxing patio space, fire place, a bottle of champagne chilling & all the toiletries in the room had tagline “celebrate” on them. I became slightly suspicious that something may be going on, but Steve has always been chivalrous so I didn’t read into it too much.

That evening we went to dinner and Steve took me to one of the best restaurant on the island, which happens to be named Steve’s Steakhouse. This is where I want to say we had a great time but that wasn’t the case. Instead we were bickering the whole time; I can’t even remember what it was about now. Dinner wrapped up, we ended the bickering and decided to go for a walk around the island. We walked over to a popular dive spot on the island - we came to this same spot on our first trip as well. We sat in silence for a few minutes and just took in the view and fresh air. 

Steve then stood up and took a few steps towards the ocean, then turned around and got on one knee. “Will you marry me?” he anxiously asked. 

Because Steve is a prankster and it was early April, the first words I could muster up were “Is this an April Fool’s joke? Is that real? Are you being serious right now or are you kidding?!” 

His response? “Yes I’m being serious! Are you going to give me an answer?”

“YES!” I exclaimed and immediately burst into tears as I gave my new fiancĂ© a giant hug and kiss. We continued the celebration the following morning with the zip line tour.

Vendors: Photography: Katie McGihon Photography | Film Scans: Richard Photo Lab