Temescal Canyon Engagement Session from Katrina Jayne Photography

"Our amazing photographer, Katrina Jayne, asked us to brainstorm three meaningful locations throughout Los Angeles. We ended up picking a park in Temescal Canyon since both of us are from the east coast and the park had a great east coast feel to it. We also loved it because we love being outdoors and we love nature. Our next stop was the Venice Canals because we love traveling the world together and this area reminded us of our trips to Europe. We ended at the LACMA because we're both artists and we also love the city of LA. This location was very artistic because it's so full of art and we loved the urban backdrop outside." -the couple

How he proposedPhil and I went home to the east coast to visit our respective families in December of 2013. We had been dating for three years but we hadn’t seen each other’s childhood homes yet since we lived in Los Angeles and going home to both places together was always so difficult with work. First, we went to Albany, New York, to see my family. Then, we went to D.C. to see Phil’s family. 

On December 27th, 2013, Phil planned a whole proposal day for me as a complete surprise. The day started out with me going for a run outside (my favorite morning ritual which Phil made sure I was able to fit in), then he drove me around his hometown to see his elementary school, the pool he used to beat everyone in during swim meets, his friends houses, etc. We stopped for lunch at his friend’s house—who cooked us an amazing vegetarian lunch (which should have been a clue this was a special day since Phil never makes it through a meal without meat—he doesn’t understand how vegetarians like me survive). 

He then drove us to Great Falls, a park in Virginia that has a waterfall separating it from Maryland. He told me to dress warm so I looked like Nanook from the North (in retrospect, not the best look for engagement photos but at least I was toasty!). He walked me out to a rock and got down on one knee. I screamed because unlike many girls who had their engagements planned out in their heads or who had picked out their own rings, Phil planned all of this entirely as a surprise. 

I was shaking but was able to muster out a “yes” (after swearing a bunch of times asking if this was real--which were my first actual words!). I asked if anyone knew about this proposal or if he had just decided to do it right here, right now. He pointed across the waterfall to Maryland where our friend was stationed to take pictures and then behind us to two more friends on the Virginia side of the park who were also taking pictures. I was speechless—how did I miss that?! What an amazing surprise. He assured me that both of our families also knew. 

Next, he whisked me away to what I thought was a work dinner for his family business. When we arrived, his parents were already seated and they said theywere waiting on the rest of the company to show u. All of a sudden, in walked my best friend from childhood and my whole immediate family who had driven 8 hours from upstate New York to be there! It was a dream come true and a day I will never forget. The next day, Phil took my whole family and I around Washington D.C. to celebrate. Both of our families had a big party for us the next day. We were on cloud nine.

Vendor: Photography: Katrina Jayne Photography | Location: Temescal Canyon + Venice Canals, Los Angeles

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