Backyard Engagement Session by Sarah Sotro Photography

"We did our engagement session at my parent's house in Encino and the fire road in Bel Air that goes off Mulholland Drive. I wanted Kyle to be in white and for me to be in dark clothes because on our wedding day it will be reversed." -Dani & Kyle

The proposalWell, the journey to proposal was a little bumpy. I knew that it was going to happen at some point in August 2014. Originally, we had planned to take a trip to Israel, where half my family lives and where I have wanted to go with Kyle since our earliest days. However, our travel plans were cancelled because of work obligations and we couldn't go anymore, so instead we decided to go to Los Angeles for the last week of August and do a California road trip. 

I knew that he was going to propose at some point on this trip, but he would not clue me in as to when. We arrived in Napa and I thought, this has to be it! We are at a beautiful restaurant drinking wine and eating a delicious meal! But, no, not yet... The next morning, we set off to check out the wineries. We got to our second stop, at which point I was having a silent meltdown that maybe I was completely wrong and I was not getting engaged, and as we sit down at a picnic bench, he pulls out a video of our cat playing with something, and it's a ring! And next thing I know he's pulling out a ring and asking me to marry him! Well, suffice to say, all the waiting was certainly worthwhile, and we happened to be in the best place to celebrate.

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