Quartz Hill Desert Engagement Session

"Danielle Bacon who was our photographer came up with the idea of keeping our wedding theme the same with our engagement shoot, country and rustic. Our photographer came up with the location and helped come up with our outfits. I had looked on Pinterest and got ideas to make a "save the date" sign and "soon to be mr. And mrs." But Danielle Bacon Photography helped us tremendously with the location and outfit ideas." -the couple

How he proposedHe bought my ring in November 2014 and Proposed January 11, 2015. He would carry my ring in his pocket (not known to me) and waited until he found the perfect time and place. He saw on Chive a guy propose to his girlfriend in a photo booth and loved the idea, so it wasn't until we were walking in our local mall he asked to take a picture in a photo booth. It was an odd request because only teenage girls do that.. Right? But we like to have fun and I didn't think anything of it. After the first picture, he took out the ring and asked me if I would marry him... The photo booth captured the whole thing and we were even allowed to purchase the video recording.

Vendor: Photographer: Danielle Bacon Photography