Eaton Canyon Engagement Session

"We had our engagement shoot with Nicole at Eaton Canyon. She actually suggested the place and we got so excited because that is where we had our first date. So walking through Eaton Canyon trail brought back so many great memories for us and how we felt on our first date. It was memorable and Nicole made us feel so comfortable. We wanted a natural feel and since we both love nature it was perfect for us. It was simple and beautiful! When we saw the pictures we were both soo pleased and full of joy! Seeing the pictures made my heart race and I couldn’t help but share the pictures with everyone. Nicole captured great shots of our genuine love for each other." -the couple

The ProposalThroughout all of December in 2013, I told Anthony I wanted iPhone for Christmas because I had never had an iPhone, and I was about to go on a family trip to the Philippines. On December 22, he took me to the Castaway restaurant for the brunch buffet (love love brunch!) We sat on the edge of the hillside over looking the valley and it was beautiful! My two favorite things: food and nature. When we finished eating, he pulled out a rectangular box wrapped up the shape of an iPhone box. I was so excited! I thought to myself “Yay! I’m finally getting my first iPhone!” I took the box in my hand and I unwrapped it and it was an iPhone box! I told him “I knew it! Thanks Babe!” He told me to open it and I was so confused when I opened it because there was another box inside. Then all I remember was him getting down on one knee and proposing! I was in total shock! But I was so excited when he was proposing, all I could focus on was his eyes and how surreal everything felt! I don’t remember what he said other than “Will you marry me?” Of course I said “Yes!!” I felt (and still feel) like the luckiest girl on earth! 

But then moments later I did ask him “So where’s the iPhone that was in the box?” ;)

Vendors: Photographer: Nicole Chow Photography | Location: Eaton Canyon, Los Angeles County