Joshua Tree 1-Year Anniversary Shoot by Natalie Schutt Photography

"Daniel & Kat are two wonderful, adventurous souls that I have had the blessing of getting to know & becoming friends with, as well as photograph! 

Their 1 year anniversary was this summer, & they decided that for every anniversary they get to celebrate - they want to do an anniversary shoot somewhere cool & unique. The best part about this newly started tradition? They decided they also want to wear their wedding gown and suit every year for some of the pictures.

Although Joshua Tree was blistering hot & we might have not had air conditioning in the car - the minute Daniel & Kat started exploring in their beautiful attire, it was like watching a fairytale. These two are so great at being playful with each other, it didn't take much time to forget about the heat!

They also brought their wedding cake & tried a bite, which, by the looks of their faces, wasn't the best bite of cake they've had! Their optimistic personalities & gratitude, however, totally masked any feelings they had towards a year-old cake! Tossing it over their shoulders was by far the best way to solve that problem! :) 

Daniel & Kat also decided to bring a large print of their wedding photo to capture. For every anniversary, they plan to take a photo with the previous year's photo! So clever, & so special! Because in this short wonderful life we have, why not? 

Congratulations Daniel & Kat, you two are magnificent!" -
Natalie Schutt Photography 

Vendors: Photography: Natalie Schutt Photography 

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