Colorful Backyard Anniversary Party

I absolutely love backyard events such as weddings and engagement parties. There is something special about that. However, what's more special than celebrating 10 years of marriage in your backyard? This Anniversary Party has us smiling from ear to ear. It's so beautiful! Here is what the couple had to say about their celebrating: "As our 10-year wedding anniversary approached, the first question we asked each other was how the heck did time go so quickly and the second, should we have a celebration? Neither of our families live near, we didn’t get married in San Diego nor did we even live here then. We thought we would just go have a nice dinner and call it a day. As the owner of Not My Dish, I work in the industry of helping others create beautiful events, but it never occurred to us to throw a party for ourselves. However, with all the questions about our anniversary and the urging of our friends, we realized that 10 years really was something to celebrate!

Once we decided to throw a party, the question was what kind of party did we want to throw? Neither of us wanted to do another “wedding.”  The piece we did want to recreate from our wedding was bringing people we love together to have an amazing time. We knew we would wear our gifts we gave each on our wedding day, an engraved watch I gave to Stefan and the earrings he gave me, which were passed down from his mother. Other than that we wanted our anniversary to have a completely different feel than that day 10 years ago."

Team of Wedding Pros: Photographer: Sierra Solis Photography | Bar Services: Please & Thank You | Decor: Not My Dish | Floral Designer: Bespoke Occasions | Rentals: CC Vintage Rentals | Lighting: SociaLights | Calligraphy: Fruit From Her Hands | Glassware: Touch of Glass