May 17, 2016
Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session

"I had a vision of shooting in the Sand Dunes which was inspired by the new Mad Max movie (top movie of 2015, hands down!) I wanted the feel and outfits to be similar to Mad Max, with the flowy, free fabric but with a beautiful engagement twist! Then Jalene & TJ came along.....

The love between these two literally radiated while we were doing this session. They were so easy to direct (hardly needed to) all thanks to the feelings these two have for each other and that was exactly what I wanted to project into these images. TJ even screamed out, "It's so hard not to kiss her!!" when I was posing them in a forehead-to-forehead position. We were laughing so hard and I told them, "Feel free to kiss her at any moment! Don't hold back."

Our Story - We actually drove 3.5 hours to get to the dunes to make this happen. As soon as we got there, we got my Honda stuck in the sand! Luckily, TJ has great outdoor skills that helped me reverse my car back out. He told us to collect big rocks to place below the tires to create traction and my car was pushed out in no time by these two. A whole 5 minutes of having your car stuck was pretty nerve wrecking but I am so glad to have had these two with me! Now Jalene & TJ have turned from clients to friends in no time, and that's what it's all about!" -Lex and the Lotus

Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session
Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session
Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session

Team of Wedding Pros: Photographer: Lex and The Lotus Photography | Beauty: Ashley Gannon | Hat: Bailey Hats | Video: Boffo Video | Gown: Princess Polly Australia


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