Romantic Santa Monica Pier Engagement Session

"#WhenSamMetSal is their wedding hashtag, which seems perfectly fitting since that's what began the relationship. They were attending a wedding for a mutual friend, and when Sameer saw Saleha across the room, he knew he had to meet her. The rest is history! He says, "I love the way she treats me and puts me above everything else. The way she listens to my dumb stories and engages in all things I like. She keeps me young. The way she is willing to take control and know what is best at times." And regarding her groom, Saleha says, "I love the fact that he so loving and attentive to my needs. Everyday he makes it a point to ask how my day is going to make sure I'm doing okay despite how his day is. I love the fact that he makes my passions his passions to help me achieve those goals."

We spent the first half of our session in the gorgeous Palisades Park, which is set on the bluffs overlooking the ocean and the nearby Santa Monica Pier. We then made it down to the pier, which is a place that they have spent many dates together. They love exploring new places and having desserts, so I thought it fitting that we include a little treat with their photos by the pier! I love that I was able to capture their romance, friendship, and adventurous spirits. The day could not have been more beautiful and perfect (even with the busy crowds trying to catch Pokemon!)." -Charity White Photography

Wedding Vendors: Photography: Charity White Photography | Beauty: Dolled up by Lulu