A Sunset Sand Dunes Engagement Session

"Jaclyn & James were SO great. They drove out with us for three hours to these dunes in the middle of July, and absolutely killed it in their black outfits! The wind was so crazy when we first got there, we couldn't even open our eyes and we had no idea what we were going to do. Thankfully as we went down into the dunes the hills would block out some of the wind. Jaclyn & James handled it so well and looked AMAZING even while being blinded by sand (you cant tell huh?) The light in the desert was, of course, gorgeous. James had just came back from a tour in Iraq while Jaclyn was in San Diego, and I could feel how much they enjoyed just being with each other again! Their love is so sweet & pure & beautiful." -Meiwen Wang Photography

Wedding Vendors: Photography: Meiwen Wang Photography | Accessories: Sherri Hill