A Snowy Engagement in Wrightwood

"Andy proposed to Samantha while they were celebrating their 6 year anniversary during a trip in Yosemite National Park.. They wanted their engagement session to take place in the snow, up in the mountains, like how it was when he proposed. We photographed their engagement session in Wrightwood, California, near the Mt.High ski slopes. 

When Samantha was a teenager, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (a rare form of cancer for someone so young) and survived it (also rare). She had lost a lot of muscle mass because of the cancer, so her dad bribed her with $100 to take Taekwondo classes in order to regain her strength. She and Andy met in Taekwondo and have been together ever since. Their love and admiration for one another is very apparent. 

Samantha is a makeup artist and Andy is a photographer, graphic and web designer. They are the dream team behind Sweetly Flawless." -Joann Loo Photography

Photography: Joann Loo Photography | Make-up: Sweetly Flawless