A Fun DIY Greenhouse Wedding in Santa Barbara

"We wanted our wedding to feel like an epic house party. As designers, we were excited about the challenge to work with a tight budget and a headcount of 200. The whole thing was super DIY if not a little bit scrappy. We had friends & family mixing drinks and putting together cheese boards and final touches while I finished seating chart signage hours before the aisle."

We found it on Instagram... because 2017. When we did our walk through a humpback whale breached off the ceremony deck, and we signed on the dotted line.

We used a pattern made by paper artist ELOI, discovered on a road trip we took together around the U.S, and used it as inspiration throughout our wedding. It held sentimental value and was an excellent catalyst for our theme---see save the date and fabric used for Zack's tie, groomsmen's pocket squares, and bridesmaid's bandanas (graciously sewn by my sister-in-law).

The ceremony was our favorite part. The entire wedding party was shuttled over to the deck, blasting James Taylor and sobbing in unison. Zack's aunt Tessa did an incredible job officiating, and to top it off we had our friends and singer Emily Afton, Tony, and Tyler play our favorite songs as we danced down the aisle... their Eddie Vedder and The Zombies covers were unreal. In place of a reading during the ceremony, my 12 year old sister sang a jazzy version of Bob Marley's Is This Love and there wasn't a dry eye. The ladies and I carried poppy bouquets assembled by my maid of honor Rachel along with a fleet of gals the day prior. Later in the greenhouse, Autostrada dished out the most delicious pizza from their clay oven while we listened to classics played by our friends Lips & Rhythm and DJ SNI. After we digested the amazing rhubarb and fresh berry pies made by my bestie Jordan from Pie For Breakfast, we hit the dance floor 'til our feet hurt.

The whole fiesta was DIY, which has its pros and cons. Pro: Custom pom-pom wall dreams completed, splatter painted table runners for that extra flare. Con: Hours spent individually making pom-poms into the night, white paint forever staining the driveway. Lesson learned: Pick your battles.

Resist industry standards and don't sweat the small stuff (no one cares that you didn't have a cake to cut).

Photography: Cara Robbins Studio | Venue: Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm, Santa Barbara | Wedding Gown: Anais Anette from Solstice Bride | Stationery: Hello Lucky | Catering: Autostrada Pizza | Desserts: Pie for Breakfast | Rentals: Party Pleasers