Santa Barbara Historical Museum Wedding

"I really wanted a lot of classic elements to the day so no one would look back and say 'Oh, that was SO (insert year)!'  It was also very much centered around family and close relationships, and we wanted to provide a sense of comfort, without it being a backyard barbecue. I've always loved purple, but know how quickly that can go overboard, so wanted to stay with a softer muted tone.  We both grew up in Southern CA,  but none of the venues were speaking to us.  We opted to search farther north as we like to vacation in a nearby coastal town.  I was hoping for a venue with a view of the water, but once we saw the Santa Barbara Historical Museum, with its various courtyards and its peaceful and BEAUTIFUL setting, we knew it was 'the one'!" -Bride & Groom

How did you meet?He jumped in front of my taxi! Literally...a group of friends were going out for the evening, and Jarrin was running late. Just as we pulled away from the curb he ran up and hopped in. 

What is your proposal story?
It was Jarrin's birthday, so of course I was open to whatever he wanted to do that day.  There was a random summer storm that morning, so we went to get some coffee. When it cleared up, he suggested a walk on the beach.  It was so nice because there weren't many people out, which is rare for Southern CA in July. It was just the two of us on the beach enjoying the view of the waves. When I turned back he was down on one knee and said "It's happening!"

Tell us about your attire choices.
I wanted to be comfortable and not stiff.  I remember at a wedding once, I was barely even able to hug the bride because he dress didn't allow you to get close to her...not to mention she couldn't lift her arms!  Lightweight was also a top priority because I wanted to dance the night away (and be able to use the bathroom alone).  I pictured something almost ethereal, but not too whimsical. And straps were a definite must.  My dress offered the perfect amount of lace, and provided a sheer neckline that provided the support I was looking for, without looking 'overdressed' for the casual outdoor setting.
I never saw Jarrin wearing grey, but it was at the suggestion of my wedding planner - and once we saw him in it, we knew it was the best choice. It DID take some convincing to get those groomsmen in a purple tie. 

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?
I think at the end of the day, we really wanted to make our guests feel like they could really enjoy the evening.  We paid attention to every detail!  The one splurge was on the acoustic guitarists from Santa Monica - where we both met, fell in love, and grew our relationship. It was a really something really unique to 'us' that we wanted to share with our guests.

What were your favorite parts of the day?
The whole day was such a whirlwind, which I'm sure goes without saying. We really enjoyed our sweetheart table that looked out over all of our guests, really being able to take the moment in - and we actually got time to eat!  One of the most memorable moments, though, was when my bridesmaid cut her dress (yes, she asked me beforehand - and it's her $!)  Midway through the reception she made her floor-length dress a miniskirt and promptly hopped into the fountain (but don't tell the venue!)  Although we would have maybe preferred her NOT go in the fountain, but this just proves that we provided a great atmosphere for our friends and family to be comfortable and really enjoy themselves.

How did you choose your wedding venue?We vacation with our families in Carpenteria, a nearby coastal town. When we really found nothing in LA that spoke to us and ticked most of our boxes, we thought to check in Carpenteria.  Since it's such a small destination, there was really only 1 venue I think.  It was nice, but not quite right (not to mention you had to schedule your evening around the train schedule with tracks just out the back door!).  We thought if we were willing to consider Carpinteria, why not Santa Barbara.  A lot of locations were out of our budget, booked, or just not quite right. The moment we walked into the Historical Museum, my eyes welled up, and I thought 'This is it!'  I was nervous because my fiance had really liked the previous venue (which was a little woodsy for me). When I looked back, I could see that he (and my mom who was along for the ride) felt the same emotional connection, and we pretty much booked it on the spot!  The location was phenomenal, it was enclosed/private, but the adjoining courtyards made the venue feel expansive with plenty of room to visit, dance, eat, drink, and enjoy the whole evening.

Photography: Jenna Bechtholt Photography | Ceremony Venue: Santa Barbara Historical Museum | Reception Venue: Santa Barbara Historical Museum | Event Planning: P.S. & Associates Event Planning | Floral: Rosebud Floral Design | Signage: Hue Creative | Videography: Images by Inda | Wedding Cake: Crush Cakes | Rentals: Ventura Rentals | Linens: Ventura Rentals | Hair: Mobile Bridal Salon | Makeup: Mobile Bridal Salon | Catering: Omni Catering | Lighting: Bella Vista Designs | Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo | Bride's Shoes: Vince Camuto | Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy | Groom's Attire: Al Weiss and The Tie Bar | Submitted via: Matchology