Romantic Laguna Beach Anniversary Session

"Ruthy & Sam eloped a little over a year ago, but never had any portraits taken when they did. So, they wanted to commemorate their one year anniversary with a romantic beach session in Laguna at sunset. These two are smitten so with each other, it was magic in front of the camera."

How did he propose? "It was just any ordinary weekend, or so I thought...Samuel and I loved going hiking, going to the beach, and being active on the weekends. We decided to hike Peters Canyon trail in Orange County one Saturday morning because the course wasn't too challenging, but still had a pretty awesome view. Fast forward, after our hike, he was looking for a quiet area, there were a lot of hikers and he knew that if there were ever to be a proposal in the future, I would NOT want it to be VA VA VOOM, all eyes on me kind of ordeal. As you can tell I'mana introverted, one-on-one intimate setting, kind of gal. He found an area with a picnic table under a willow tree, and I remember sitting and thinking this breeze is all I need right about now (especially after a 8 mile hike). As I was soaking in the simple joy of a cool breeze, I could see his behavior kind of changed and he seemed nervous. Immediately after that he got down on one knee with a tiny red box in hand, and began to give his speech. I can honestly say, I don't remember all of it but DO remember thinking that there is no one I'd rather conquer life with than him. I burst into happy tears, not only because the answer was already yes!, but because we'd gone through some tough obstacles, being in a interracial relationship, and my family coming from a traditional Asian background to name a few. We shared a beautiful moment together and were so ecstatic to solidify our relationship."

Photography: Sarah Harris Photography | Submitted via: Matchology