Temecula Sunset Engagement Session

"On our second day in Maui, after shopping and swimming all day I came back to the condo to shower and put on PJs to stay in the rest of the night. Dustin asked if I wanted to get dressed up to go downtown to have a nice dinner and drinks. Since I was already in my comfy clothes and had my hair up, I declined and said we can go another night. Anyone who really knows me knows 1) I hate getting ready, and 2) how long it takes me to get ready. He was very persistent about going so I got up and TRIED to quickly do my make up and did my hair. Dustin thought he had more time before the sun was going to set, so was rushing me along. My parents were going to “walk from our condo down to the beach to watch the sunset.” Once I was done getting ready Dustin and I had to go find my parents to “go get the keys to the rental car.” As we walked closer to the beach Dustin began telling me how much I mean to him, and how amazing the last 7 years had been that we spent together. It wasn’t until then, that I thought something might have been suspicious. We walked out the gate, to the beach, where a heart that had been drawn in the sand and filled with rose petals, with the words “MARRY ME?” written in front. My family was there with cameras, cheering him on as he got down on one knee, in the middle the heart, and asked me to marry him. At that moment all of my dreams had come true."

Photography: Janita Mestre Photography | Floral: Nancy Lobo Designs | Videography: Brian Aviles | Fashion: Amazon | Groom's Attire: Kohls | Submitted via: Matchology