Velvet Notebook DIY Tutorial

Want to know a secret? We MADE these!! Brides, don't write your vows out on your iPhone. You don't want to stuff it down the front of your dress or hold it as you walk down the aisle. It will date your photos and you will be laughing at that "weird device" you were holding with your great-grandchildren years from now. Here's a simple DIY to make these timeless velvet vow books.

Materials Needed:
  • Two Small Notebooks (you can get them from the dollar store)
  • 1/4 yard in each color velvet fabric you want to use
  • Two rubber stamps (you can find ones that say Mr. and Mrs.)
  • Iron
  • Spray adhesive (it comes in a spray paint can)

1. Heat up iron and turn off the steam.

2. Cut the fabric with sharp scissors to the size of your notebook. Leave a 1/4 inch of extra material as a border. You will use this later to fold over the sides of the notebook.

3. Place the stamp on a hard surface with the rubber side up. Spray lightly with water.

4. Place the fabric velvet side down onto the stamp. Make sure to position it where you want the lettering to be on the notebook. Hold the iron for 10 seconds over the fabric. This will emboss the stamp into the fabric.

5. Peel off the fabric and repeat for the second stamp on the other piece of fabric. 

6. Lay the fabric velvet side down and spray with adhesive. This will be VERY sticky so you have to work quickly. Center the notebook on top of the adhesive and smooth out the fabric. 

7. Cut the corners at an angle and fold the 1/4 inch extra fabric towards the inside of the notebook.

8. Use acrylic paint and a pointed paintbrush (a flat or square one won't work) to paint the embossed area. 

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