8 Reasons You Need a Wedding Website in 2020

After the explosion of joy and excitement that comes with a marriage proposal, many couples soon feel overwhelmed at the prospect of planning a wedding. Luckily, there’s an easy (and free) answer - a wedding website. This invaluable online resource helps you streamline the process of sharing the big news with your loved ones, communicating key information, getting your gift registry started, and organizing other facets of wedding planning.

Read on for eight reasons why creating a wedding website will save you time, reduce stress, and give you time back to enjoy your engagement as you plan your wedding.

1. Share Your Love Story: 
Everyone relishes a good love story, which is why your guests will adore reading about yours on your wedding website. Wedding website builders like Joy provide gorgeous templates that help you share how you and your fiancé met and fell in love and post photos and videos that chronicle your romance.

2. Keep Your Guests Informed.:
A lot goes into being a wedding guest. Because of this, your friends and family will appreciate having a one-stop-shop for all your wedding details. Many free wedding websites prompt you to include your wedding date and time, the schedule of events, answers to common questions, and other information that will simplify your guests’ experience, and save you time answering their questions.

3. Help Guests With Travel Planning:
Even if you’re not traveling for your wedding, many of your guests probably will be. While most wedding websites have an area for you to include travel tips, the most cutting-edge options enhance travel planning with a Booking Assistant, Google Map capabilities, and Uber and Lyft integration, to make wedding travel as seamless as possible for your guests.

4. Organize Your Guest List:
To minimize the headache that can come with keeping track of your guest list, wedding websites usually include a guest list manager that allows you to record guests’ email and home addresses, phone numbers, and other helpful information. With a guest list manager, you can create your master guest list for your wedding, as well as sub-lists for other wedding-related events, all in one place! In addition, some sites even make it easy to transfer those addresses onto printable labels for invitations.

5. Collect Digital RSVPs:
If you don’t like the idea of RSVP cards flooding your mailbox, you’ll love the RSVP feature on most wedding websites. This feature often includes custom RSVP questions, allows guests to digitally RSVP for various wedding events (e.g., rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and post-wedding brunch), and provides real-time RSVP updates in your online guest list.

6. Link Your Gift Registries in One Place:
Because many couples are now creating multiple registries (for example, one for physical items, and another for experiences during the honeymoon), wedding websites offer the option of linking registries from numerous sources on one page. This ensures your guests are easily able to purchase you the gifts you actually want.

7. Easily Communicate with Your Guests: 
As anyone who has planned a wedding will tell you, there are many layers of communication that need to happen between the happy couple and their guests. Luckily, many wedding websites include free digital save the dates, invitations, and e-cards. In addition, many allow you to easily create and order paper invites that match the style of your website, at a minimal cost. And because elements of wedding events can change last minute, the best wedding websites let you send push notifications with updates and reminders.

8. Share Wedding Memories:
To relive the happy memories of your big day, and help your loved ones to do the same, select a wedding website that lets you and your guests upload photos to a shared, digital wedding album. This ensures that you all get to enjoy not just the polished professional photos, but also the (often hilarious) candid shots taken from a range of perspectives.

If you want to minimize the stress of planning a wedding and create a more enjoyable, simplified experience for yourself and your guests, say yes to a wedding website.

Written by: Bailey Gaddis