Bohemian-inspired engagement session

"Stephan and I worked with Michelle from Lam+Lens Photography to create our bohemian inspired shoot. We really wanted our engagement shoot to be focused on our love and interaction with each other. So we decided to keep the wardrobe simple and carefree, while still expressing our personal style. I wore jewelry that was special to me for each of our looks - the first jewelry he ever brought for me, and the last piece of jewelry he purchased as my "boyfriend"!

Throughout the years, Stephan and I regularly go on picnics because it allows us time to talk and bond without much distraction. So we wanted to recreate some of our fond memories by incorporating antique books, blankets, and wine into the shoot. Plus, Thomas Riley Wilderness Park was the perfect location because it showcases how beautiful Southern California is. The rolling hills, and the gigantic trees made for a beautiful backdrop." -Ariyana & Stephan

Their love storyStephan and I met the Fall of freshman year in Temecula, CA. A mutual friend was having his (belated) high school graduation party, and both Stephan and I made the trek to celebrate with him. I saw Stephan along the wall, grooving by himself, because he didn't know anyone at the party. So I went over and introduced myself and asked him if he wanted to come meet my friends. He happily accepted, and he seemed to hit it off with the group. After dancing a bit together, he asked if I wanted to go inside and chat. We instantly clicked and found that we had a lot in common. I knew at that moment we would be great friends. Stephan got my number, but I neglected to get his. I left the party wondering if we would stay in touch. 

It took TWO whole weeks before Stephan texted me. And from that day forward we haven't went any extended period of time without talking. What started out as casual conversations about college, interests, hobbies, and friends turned into deeper conversations about life. We found that our thinking was in sync and that our bond was deeper than merely liking the same things. It didn't take long for us to fall in love. Since 2009 Stephan has always said he will marry me. Nearly 5 years later, we are tying the knot!

The proposalStephan must have taken so much time to plan our engagement, because it was so special! A few of my best friends told me that they had been talking about planning a "girls day" on March 16th, 2014 and asked if I would like to join. We spent a lot of time talking about where we could go and what we could do. In hindsight, I now see that even though they led me to think that I was part of the planning, everything had already been decided! Everyone met at my family's home and we went off to explore the city. One of my friends made sure we all packed dresses and heels, because she said we had dinner reservations at a swanky beachside restaurant. 

We went to lunch and to the Getty Museum. Then we changed and headed over to the restaurant. The ride to the restaurant was extremely frustrating. We got turned around twice, we got "lost", and then when we were almost there one of my friends had to "use the bathroom". A 30 minute car ride turned into a 2 hour car ride! What I didn't know was that my friends were stalling to make sure Stephan had enough time to set up the proposal. 

Before we arrived at the restaurant, the girls requested that we do a quick photo op at a nearby private beach in Malibu, CA. When I got to the water, I saw Stephan standing there. I was shocked, and I instantly started to tear up. He had a private area of the beach roped off with seating, roses, & champagne. He had blown up photos of us throughout the years and placed them on stakes in the sand. His best friend was by his side playing guitar, and Stephan proceeded to sing to me our 3 favorite songs "Is This Love" by Bob Marley, "Better Together" by Jack Johnson, and "Marry Me" by Train. Then he got down on one knee and proposed. I was so enthralled with Stephan I didn't realize that he had arranged for a photographer to be there the entire time!

After we left the beach he suggested we go home to spend time together. But when I opened the door to my house, I was greeted by over 40 of my closest friends and family members. He had arranged a beautiful suprise party to celebrate the proposal, complete with tons of dessert and champagne! It was a day full of surprises, and I couldn't think of a more perfect proposal.

Photographer: Lam & Lens Photography