Tips For Planning Your Honeymoon

The honeymoon - a fun and relaxing vacation you take with your new spouse. There are so many different ways to honeymoon and it's best to find a place that your will enjoy the most with your lovely spouse. Today we have several SCB vendors and bloggers who are sharing their honeymoon stories and advice and we hope you enjoy reading through them!

Here is mine:
Advice: You might have to compromise and that's okay. My husband and I vacation differently - I love adventure and he loves to relax. For me, sitting on the beach is just boring and for him, he loves that. So originally, I wanted to go to Europe but that didn't work out and we decided that we would just do something small locally, like Vegas. But a couple months before our wedding, he surprised me by telling me we'd be going to Jamaica! We did things each liked doing - relaxing (laying by the pools or the beach) and being adventurous (like zip-lining 10 lines and horseback riding). Whatever it is you do and wherever it is you decide to go, just remember to have fun with each other!
Honeymoon locationJamaica
Stayed at: Sandals: Montego Bay
Fun activities we did: We were in Jamaica for 8 days and spent a lot of days just relaxing. We did go zip-lining (AWESOME!) and horseback riding through a remote village and through the water. We did some water activities at our resort as well as played board games by the water. We had so much fun - especially since this was our first vacation together, alone!> Dream vacation: I love to travel and see the world, so there isn't one place I wouldn't want to see. But lately, I've been eyeing Palace of the Lost City in South Africa. 

Jaime of Jaime Davis Photography
AdviceContact a travel agent to get you the best deals on flights and hotels! Also be sure to ask family and friends if they have been to the location you are going because they may have discovered a must see activity or restaurant you may not have heard of from your travel agent or other tourist sites!
> Honeymoon location: London & Paris
> Stayed at: Hotel Aramis, Paris
> Fun activities we didDefinitely HAVE to go to Eiffel 58 for dinner, because not only was the service and food amazing but you are eating in the Eiffel Tower. It is not as expensive as you expect so be sure to check it out. Also the best part of both cities was walking around from place to place. In London we would stumble upon great pubs and in Paris some of the best cafes with the cutest patio dining. I feel like sometimes that is the best way to explore a city and experience more of what the local experience.
> Dream vacationBora Bora (over water bungalow!)

I-Jou of IM Events and Design
AdviceOnce you figure out where you are going, go online to research what other people have said when they were there. Buying last minute items at the resort can be expensive and even unattainable. If you are going snorkeling make sure to bring a good underwater camera.
Honeymoon location: Maldives
Stayed at: Kani Resort
Fun activities we didSnorkeling, island tour, kayaking, relax by the beach, massage. We stayed at one of the villas above water, so our backyard was the water, which was the best thing because we went out to the water every morning.
Dream vacation: Greece

Danielle of Classically Lovely Events
AdviceDo your research! We were on a budget and spending $300 a night on a hotel room in NYC seemed absurd to me. We found a cute apartment in Hell's Kitchen for less than half the price of a room and rented that for 3 days. It was the best idea! We felt like locals and had a great time. Now whenever we Tavel we check or for apartments to rent before we book a room. Much cheaper and a better experience.
Honeymoon locationNYC, Boston and Maine
Stayed at: NYC: rented a private apartment, Boston: The plaza, kennebunkport, Me: Cabot Cove Cottages
Fun activities we didWe honestly did all the "tourist things" and had a blast. We both really wanted to see a "real" fall. Both growing up in So Cal we had never experienced much of a real fall. It was so much fun to snuggle up and walk trough Boston Common with Hot cocoa and all the leaves changing. One if my favorite activities was taking a "Haunted Tour" of Boston and hearing about all the old ghost stories of the cemeteries and haunted places. We walked through Central Park and got lost, but we were in no rush to go anywhere, so we wandered. The whole 10 days was truly magical. Be spontaneous!
Dream vacationGreece (still!)

Cameron & Tracy of Cameron Leung Photography
AdviceMost important advice - go on a honeymoon. Don't skip out on taking a trip. We used as our gift registry that helped us a ton when planning out and making sure we spoil ourselves for once. 
Honeymoon locationKaua'i, Hawai'i
Stayed at: Grand Hyatt Kauai
Fun activities we didAs we started to plan out our honeymoon, we really wanted to focus on relaxing during our 11 day honeymoon. We kept going back and forth with a trip to Europe or a trip to Hawaii. Since we know that Europe has a lot to offer and that our goal was to really have a relaxing trip, we settled on Kaua'i. We really planned out our stay day-by-day based on the suggestions from some of the locals and also by what we wanted to see. So we did a few things like take a sunset cruise to the NaPali coastline, hike the NaPali coast for the breathtaking views, visit the various vista points, indulged in the local dishes, and sat on the beach every single day we were there. 
Dream vacationIt was South Africa, but we will be going there in 3 now its visiting Patagonia, Chile

Vanessa of Vanessa Noel Events
AdviceYou're likely planning your wedding and honeymoon at the same time. While some grooms are really into the wedding planning process, chances are he's deferring to you when it comes to flowers and linens. But when it comes to the honeymoon, get out of your pattern of making the decisions! I promise you that this is something he's excited about and something that he'll talk about without his eyes glazing over. So plan it together! Ask if he wants a nonstop adventure or a more leisurely experience. Tropical or European? Talk about places you've always wanted to go or things you've always wanted to try. Travel tends to bring out people's passions, so take advantage of this opportunity to experience that as a unit.
Honeymoon locationAmbergris Caye, Belize
Stayed at: Victoria House
Fun activities we didOur hotel provided complimentary beach cruisers so although Victoria House is situated near the end of the island of Ambergris Caye (where it's perfectly peaceful and serene) we were able to take a short, leisurely ride into San Pedro any time. We were able to explore the island and grab local food, which we loved. The highlight of our trip was a 3 stop snorkeling tour that included a trip to the Blue Hole, which is an international diving destination. My husband and I don't dive, but we still wanted to experience it so we looked into trip options with snorkeling. It was a full day (we had to be at the dock by 6:00am!) but we shared an absolutely breathtaking experience together... and get this, we saw sharks! I was absolutely terrified and screamed like a little girl before swimming back to the boat (faster than I've ever moved in my entire life). I look back on that day as one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring. Even if you and your husband-to-be have a travel style that includes nothing more than an ice cold drink and a hammock, I encourage you to take 1 day or just 1 afternoon during your honeymoon and do something that's a bit crazy/intense/exhilarating. Try something new together; hold each other's hands while your adrenaline is pumping; have an adventure together. You might be surprised how bonding it is!
Dream vacationThailand

Haley of The Bride Link
AdviceI recommend not over planning. Choose a location that is known for simply being relaxing. I remember being so worn out from all of the wedding excitement that I had little energy for more than lounging on the beach and enjoying local restaurants. I can not imagine having planned a honeymoon focussed around sight seeing or traveling. I also recommend choosing a location that does not require a huge time-change or long flight. Like I said, my husband and I were pretty tired from the wedding and could not wait to get to our honeymoon destination and finally relax!
Honeymoon locationSea Island, Georgia
Stayed at: The Cloister
Fun activities we didAfter recovering from our wedding with a couple of restful days on the beach, we enjoyed Kayaking in the Georgia marsh and lots of romantic dinners on the Island. I personally enjoyed splurging a little on our dinners, because it is not very often that we would have such a large selection of fine places to eat. For a couple who honeymoons on Sea Island, I highly recommend dining at Colt and Allison. The service was amazing and the food and wine even better!
Dream vacationItaly

Cris of Kiss My Tulle
AdviceDon't be afraid to take a road trip if you can't afford a traditional honeymoon. We saved a ton of money driving our own car + we weren't limited to just a carry-on. Also, road trip nooky.
Honeymoon locationNew England road trip
Stayed at: Different hotel each night - which ever had the best rate.
Fun activities we didFenway park tour, Civil Rights museum in Birmingham (AMAZING!), ate at The Causeway in Gloucester, the Fisherman's Memorial, lots of antiquing and house tours.
Dream vacationEngland, Ireland, Wales

Jenn of The Overwhelmed Bride
AdviceThe honeymoon seems to always get lost in the midst of planning. I would always recommend planning early! This way, you don't run out of budget when it comes time to plan for your honeymoon and you'll get the best deals by planning ahead! It'll give you more time to research what you want to do and the prices are lower the further out you book!
Honeymoon locationThe Caribbean
Stayed at: We went on a cruise!
Fun activities we didWe absolutely loved our caribbean cruise because we got to go to 5 different islands and there were so many activities we could do at the various ports...and they were all planned for us. All we had to do was pay! We held monkeys, went zip lining, snorkeling, had relaxing beach days, and jet skiing a couple of times!
Dream vacationGreece! I've been there twice but my hubby hasn't and I want to take him!

Lauren of Every Last Detail
AdviceOnce you've decided on where you're going BOOK IT! I waited a little while, hoping that prices would go down, and they definitely didn't. When I saw the price of flights jump by $200, I rushed to book asap! Also, I would recommend going somewhere where you don't have to worry about anything- like an all inclusive resort. After all the hustle and bustle with your wedding, it's nice to not have to think about anything!
Honeymoon location: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Stayed at: Formerly the MoonPalace, now Hard Rock Punta Cana
Fun activities we didWe honeymooned in the Caribbean, so we of course did some of the usual beachy things, like snorkeling. We also did a tour of the town, coupled with a ziplining trip, and it was awesome! I definitely recommend doing something you've never done before- it's great for creating an experience you will always remember!!
Dream vacationTouring Italy's coastline

Esther of Belle and Chic
AdviceI initially wanted to spend more time at the hotel and have us pampered, but my husband had his mind set on seeing as much as possible. In the end we compromised and did fun stuff for the both of us, and I have to admit that the best memories we share are from the activities and tours we did and not from hanging out at the pool.
Honeymoon locationMorocco
Stayed at: We actually toured the country and stayed at several places, we ended our trip in Marrakech, where we stayed at Riad ZolahAmazing place!!
Fun activities we didIf you stay in Marrakech, take 1-night-trips to other places. I recommend Essaouria (at the sea), a trip into the Atlas mountains and the dessert (camel ride and spending the night in a Beduin tent included).
Dream vacationI'd love to do the same thing again!

Krisstin of On the Go Bride
AdviceI think out trip turned out so well, because we went through a travel agency. Going to another country or even just some place you have never been before can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to planning. It helped me to have someone there to sort of hold out hand through the process and we ended up at a gorgeous resort.
Honeymoon locationJamaica
Stayed at: Sandals: Royal Plantation
Fun activities we didSnorkeling. Massage and facial (for me). We spent lots of time on the beach lounging with drinks and books just enjoying time together. Trying out local cuisine. Got photos done by the staff photographer on the resort around the beach.
Dream vacationRome

Where did you honeymoon? Where would you like to vacation? Where will you be honeymooning?

All photos taken by myself on a recent trip to Maui.