A Vintage In-N-Out Engagement Session

"We both love In-N-Out and being California born we wanted to incorporate it into our wedding somehow. We decided to hire their food truck as our caterer for our wedding! When my mom told us about the replica that was being built in Baldwin Park for photo ops we thought it would be the prefect place to do our engagement session. Including Justin's 1967 Ford Mustang was essential especially after we chose our wedding venue, Crevier Classic Cars in Costa Mesa. We also wanted some romantic photos so our photographer Meghan took us into the San Dimas area for some beautiful shots with the car. We mostly created our outfits from clothing we already had, but we did make Justin's yellow shirt to match our theme. We bought a T-shirt that was the perfect yellow color and cut off the original pocket and sewed on a vintage piece of fabric that read Route 66. My awesome dress in the In-N-Out shoot is from ModCloth.com." -Ashley & Justin

Their love story: Ashley and Justin both went to Bonita High School in La Verne, CA. They met in their second period, cooking class during their senior year. When they first met they both had significant others, and they were just classmates. But soon it all changed. Neither of their relationships worked out. Justin became more flirty with Ashley and asked for her number. Since both had just ended lengthy relationships they weren't looking for anything serious, especially in the end of their senior year when they'd be going to college in the fall. Soon though they were talking all day, every day. Then one day Ashley was at her sister's apartment babysitting her niece, who had been sleeping since she got there. Ashley was entertaining herself by watching scary movies, something she loved to do and of course texting Justin when BAM a moth hit her right in the face. Of course it happened at a terribly scary part of the movie! She told Justin and without a complaint he asked where she was and rushed right over in his 67' Mustang. What a gentleman he came to kill a bug for her! Before then they had just been friends but after that they were inseparable, and still are!

How he proposed: Justin and Ashley had planned a trip to Oregon with their daughter Lily, his parents, sister, and best friend. Their first stop was a camp site they booked at Cape Lookout State Park, right outside of Tillamook,OR. They drove for almost 24 hours straight to get to their campsite. Little did Ashley know, Justin had a big surprise planned for this vacation. The state park was beautiful with a lot of nature and right on the beach. The next day Justin had planned what was supposed to be a short hike leading to the cape lookout. It turned out that the hike was almost double the distance it was supposed to be and all uphill! But the view was worth it, they had a 360 degree view of the Oregon coast that was like nothing they had ever seen before. Just before heading back Justin told Ashley that he wanted to take one last picture of just the two of them. As they approached the ledge overlooking the coast he got down on one knee and pulled a small blue box from his pocket. As his hands shook a little he opened the box and it had a gorgeous vintage ring inside he then asked Ashley to marry him and of course she said YES!