Woodsy Engagement Session

"Christina took us to a woodsy/forest area only about 10 miles out of town. We were initially supposed to take pictures just by a bridge, but we ended up exploring and walking deeper into the forest and came upon an awesome (we were all literally awe-struck) site with tons of grape vines, a creek, and winding trees. It was just about to be sunset too so the lighting through all the nature was beautiful. Not much planning had to happen for this shoot-- I trusted Christina completely. With an incredible location and such a talented photographer, the results were nothing short of amazing!" -the couple

Their love story: We were both in San Diego for our summer Navy training. Jeremy tagged along with his friend who was meeting up with one of my friends. Jeremy and I were the ones who (obviously) ended up hitting it off! It's been a long distance romance ever since... And the rest was history :)