Casual Newport Beach Engagement Session

"Newport Beach is the first place Alex and I lived together, and since it's such a beautiful place, we knew there was no better place to take our photos. Our amazing photographer, Dennis Coronel, met us one day a few weeks before the shoot for a beer at our favorite local bar Malarky's (where we took a few of the pictures) and to scope out locations in Newport. The day of the shoot, my beautiful and talented sister Autumn did my make-up and hair. We wanted to keep our outfits casual and to feel like 'us'. I'm in love with the images Dennis captured." - the couple

How he proposed: He decided to book us a week at an all inclusive resort in Cabo. I was obviously excited, but since we aren't exactly 'rollin' in the dough' yet in our careers, I was positive that meant he wasn't planning on proposing anytime soon. I thought there was no way he could afford the trip AND a ring. The very first night at the resort, we went to a restaurant on the beach and talked for hours, reminiscing about the three years we had been together and how incredibly in love with each other we were. He told me he’s loved me since our Jamba Juice days. I was getting pretty choked up and excused myself to the restroom. Before I came back, he told the waiter he was going to ask him to take our picture, and when he did, to not stop taking pictures. I came back and we posed normally in front of the window.... then he turned toward me, got down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Vendors: Photographer: Dennis Roy Coronel Photography