Montecito Country Club Wedding

"I knew from our first planning step that we would be doing a lot of DIY, not only to save costs but to ensure people felt like it was "us" and fit our personalities. We have been together for over 13 years and are not the traditional types but still wanted a beautiful but fun wedding. This leads me to my three favorite parts. 

The dress: I tried $15,000 dresses to $800 dresses and none of them made me happy. I finally decided to get it made. I was recommended a seamstress Thumbelina Atelier and met with a couple others. I knew I did not want a white dress and brought in my inspirations. Not only did I get the dress I designed in my head but the fabric was left over from a couture dress made for Jennifer Lopez in which the fabric was commissioned for. There was almost not enough fabric but it all worked out, it is crazy unique and beautiful and it comes with an amazing story.

The decor: For the weekend Jake's parents rented the Babcock Vitners House in Santa Barbara. It provided the perfect shabby chic setting to set up the decor for the wedding which we collected from vintage stores and thrift shops. My favorite moment was seeing our moms, cousins, aunts, uncles dads and most importantly ring boy and flower girls help us set it all up. We had glue guns out, our vintage brass candlesticks and succulents bought at a Malibu nursery. I can truly say that our flower girls are literally our flower girls by helping make arrangements and decor. Everything came out beautifully and it was made from the love of our wedding party!! It was everything seeing it the next day set up at the wedding. It was more than just beautiful I was so full of love and pride that both our families and closest friends came together to make our vision happen.

The party: Our third favorite part was the game we played on the dance floor with everyone. We didn't do a father daughter or traditional money dance. We did our own version of spin the bottle. Our guests still rave about it till this day!!! We had a bottle of wine we spun in the middle of the dance floor. Whoever it landed on had to dance to the middle of the floor and take a shot. It really set the night off for everyone to let go and have fun. It was great!!!" -Bride & Groom

Vendors: Photographer: kiel rucker photography // Officiant: Father Jerry Bellamy // Caterer: montecito country club // Reception Venue: montecito country club // Cake Designer: Your Cake Baker //

Submitted via Two Bright Lights