Intimate Sunstone Winery Wedding from New Love Photography

"Sometimes we feel like we work, like, all the time. It’s as if the only cool places we go are for work. We know it’s worth it, so no complaints here. And we have never felt so completely lucky to do what we do as a job as we felt at Bonnie and Adam’s wedding. We get to go to Santa Ynez for work frequently. And that’s not just luck, but a whole new level of “this is the best it gets” feeling. Have you been to Santa Ynez? It’s like Italy in Central California. It’s breathtaking. And it’s two and a half hours from our house (if LA traffic is being kind that day). And then there’s Sunstone Vinyards and Winery, which takes the pleasure of working in Santa Ynez to a whole new level. When you have your wedding at Sunstone, you have the opportunity to stay in the Villa. Inside the Villa at Sunstone streams so much natural light that it looks as if it were made for taking photographs (and it doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful bride!). Each room we entered was more breathtaking than the last. Bonnie and Adam wanted an intimate wedding sans wedding party and guests consisting of only family. Their “reception” consisted of a heartfelt toast followed by, what else? Wine tasting. New Love Photography still loves a grand wedding, but this small one felt personal and special."

Vendors: Photographer: New Love Photography // Floral Designer: Greenwich Floral Design // Makeup Artist: LunaBella Make up and Hair // Venue: Sunstone Winery

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