Mountaintop Picnic Styled Proposal Shoot

"This project came together when I booked a wedding in the LA area. Knowing that I was going to be on the West Coast, I got in touch with my friend and talented wedding planner, Kelsey. I really wanted to take advantage of Southern California's amazing landscape. I was looking for a location that was a scene stealer, epic if you will. Well, I couldn’t have dreamt it up any better. I swear we were lost somewhere in Middle-Earth and that over or under any hill we might find a hobbit hole. It was just beautiful country. Having this location in mind, Kelsey and I wanted gorgeous, well thought out, yet simple details. Our picnic environment is just that. It works seamlessly with it’s California wild flowers, wine crates, grapes and “cheese” cake. The act of proposing one's life to another has such weight and depth. I really wanted to compliment that with a visual juxtaposition of the actual proposal to an incredibly expansive landscape. Life, in that moment, is boundless." -TBM Photography

Vendors: Photographer: TBM Photography // Event Planner: Kelsey Rae Designs // Floral Designer: La Petite Gardenia // Calligrapher: Phoenix Feathers Calligraphy // Make-up: Karissa Andrews