Classic Coastal Wedding at Ole Hanson Beach Club

"We both grew up in Southern California and wanted to bring that classic California sunny, beachy, palm tree-lined energy to our wedding guests. Ole Hanson was perfect for that. We also knew we wanted the ceremony and the reception to be at the same venue to make it easier for everyone, especially our out of town guests. One story that still brings me endless laughter when I think about or retell it didn't even happen in my presence. When my husband and his groomsmen were getting ready together, one of his groomsmen (who had been bragging earlier about the perfect tailoring of his slacks) dropped his can of white claw on the ground and power squatted down to retrieve it. A resounding sound of ripping cloth ensued. His navy pants had torn down the crack from top to bottom, with only an hour left until the start of the ceremony. No one had navy thread, only a burnt orange-brown color, so a sympathetic brother in law who had knowledge of sailor knots, roughly sewed the pants back up. I didn't find out about this mishap until days after the wedding. Thankfully our phenomenal wedding photographers captured the aftermath and I was able to share in the hilarity. My favorite party of wedding planning was getting to reconnect with my girlfriends that were in my bridal party and connecting with new girlfriends I had made in my new home in Michigan. Because I was planning everything from across the country (Jeren and I had moved to Detroit in 2017) it required leaning on my friends still based in California as well as heavily relying on my new, newly-wed Michigan friend for advice and support. Nothing could've been accomplished without the support of my friends. The most stressful part of planning was rooted in planning everything 3000 miles away. I had to make a lot of vendor decisions without face to face meetings. I also didn't have my Mom with me to share in a lot of key pre-wedding traditions, like dress shopping. We face-timed when I chose my wedding dress."

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Photography: Geoff & Lyndsi Photography | Venue: Ole Hanson Beach Club | Coordinator: Pop the Champagne | Floral Designer: Julep Bloom Design | Videography: Shutter & Sound | Catering: 24 Carrots | Wedding Gown: BHLDN | Beauty: Beauty & the Beach