Considering joining the Southern California Bride Vendor Network? Read this first.

The Southern California Bride Vendor Network is not your typical vendor guide. It is a marketing partnership where you receive ongoing publicity for your business throughout your membership. When you join the Southern California Bride Vendor Network, you work closely with me, the editor, who has been in the wedding industry since 2010. I have worked as a wedding photographer while at the same time running an international wedding blog. It wasn't until 2014 that I decided to switch my focus to Southern California and have been running as the sole editor ever since. 

So you're thinking of advertising with Southern California Bride... 

... but are wondering if it's worth the modest annual fee or if you will even get a return on investment. The Southern California Bride Vendor Network is a curated website that features wedding vendors vetted by me. I vet local wedding vendors when they inquire so if you receive a link to more information, that means that I like what I see and feel you would make a great addition to our community. 

What does it mean to be an SCB Member?

Being an SCB Member means family... it means community. You are not just another listing among many other local vendors. Being a member is a partnership with me, the editor, and I work hard to promote your business to local brides. I work to build relationships with every single one of my members because it's the only way I feel your membership will be successful. I truly value the relationships formed with my members! Here are some ways members receive exposure:
  • Posts on Southern California Bride's Instagram account
  • Shoutouts on Southern California Bride's Instagram account via Stories
  • Opportunity to be featured on Southern California Bride's blog as a leading expert in your field
  • Invitation to join a members-only Pinterest board

A Targeted Audience

Southern California Bride doesn't have an audience in the millions but what it does have is a targeted audience with the majority of the traffic and followers coming from local counties. 

Perks of Being an SCB Member

There are so many wonderful perks of being a member but I want to highlight some of my favorites here.

1. A dedicated hashtag for me to use for each member as a way to track your posts on SCB's Instagram:

2. An opportunity to be featured in our weekly Instagram Stories shoutouts:

3. Access to stats on your featured posts. 

4. A beautiful link-to-website listing on our vendor website:

5. Referrals:

6. An invitation to join our local brides-only Facebook group where you can interact with local brides:

7. Members receive a 10-post carousel on Instagram when featured on the blog:

8. An opportunity to have your educational videos in our Reels or IGTV for more exposure:

9. An opportunity to join an Instagram Tribe to connect with other members and to help boost your engagement.

These are just some of the ways that members get exposure and publicity with Southern California Bride. I am constantly looking for new ways to help my members because I truly, from the bottom of my heart, care for each and every single member. I want your experience with SCB to be one that stands out. I offer the necessary tools for your success as a member and many opportunities (in addition to what is included with your membership) to help you. I want to connect my members with local brides because your success is important to me!

So if you are considering joining Southern California Bride's Vendor Network, I want you to think of it like this... you will have someone in your corner telling over 70k followers about how awesome you are. You will have someone who truly cares about you and your business. You are not just a number - you are not just another listing. You are part of a community... a family of like-minded pros!

10. Instagram Guides featuring members!

Here are what some of our members are saying about SCB:

"When I first came across SCB, I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of their network, all the inspiration they shared on Instagram always kept me swooning, however, I was unsure of how to become a member or if they were accepting members at all. Not too long after I started following them, I saw in one of their IG stories that the network was open to new members and they had a special promo going on at the time. I reached out on a DM and inquired about it, Damaris IMMEDIATELY answered back with very nice detailed information and super friendly response. I liked the way she treated me and decided to give it a try, it's been years now and I'm not leaving!! We joined thinking it will be a basic network of vendors and came to find it was WAY MORE than that, it is a community, it is family!!  We love being SCB members, and it's been by far, one of the best business decisions ever! We've found a family of vendors we can work with and trust. A real community of professionals we learn from and a group of friends we get to work with. SCB Network is not just your business name in a pretty website, this network has tons of resources you can use, real referrals to real clients you can work with, opportunities to serve and grow, endless possibilities of collaborations, a 100% dedicated person to serve you, help you, answer your questions, and so much more. Over the years, we've become closer to the SCB Network, and as business owners, there's no place we rather be, than here. Damaris has a servant's heart and is always willing to support you. What are you waiting for to become a part of the SCB family? Join now! - Lorie Lau

"Truly, this is one of the best decisions I have made for my business! At the beginning of my photography career, I thought I was going to be jet-setting and constantly traveling the world. I tried to skip on my local market and when I sat down to re-evaluate my business model and what worked best for me, SCB was there to help! I have since rejuvenated my business and have really polished my local market and that would not have been possible without SCB. At the helm is an extremely hard-working and dedicated person who truly cares about her members and audience! She invests an immense amount of time and resources into figuring out how to make the best possible platform for not just Industry Professionals but Inquiring Couples as well. My business would not be where it is at without SCB and I would not have been afforded the opportunity to meet such wonderful people in this industry and outside of it!" - Dennis Roy Coronel

"Moving across the country can be a difficult and humbling task especially when you have to relocate your business as well. As we were looking into all of the available marketing options, we were referred to SCB by a current member. After looking into the content of the page, the blog layout and pricing, we were sold. Then, we virtually met Damaris, who is the real deal. She cares about her members, takes the time to invest back into them, and simultaneously creates great visual interest even with so many diverse vendors. We have been members of larger wedding blogs in the past, which also come at a higher annual cost, and I have never felt so supported by the blog and it’s members. It’s a family and we care about seeing each other succeed. At the core of the business, everything is what you make it, but SCB definitely sets you up for success more than anything we have come across yet!" - Bethany Holmstrom

"Southern California Bride (SCB) has given my business an exposure that I couldn’t get on my own. In the first three years of my business, I was marketing myself and not getting further than clients in my surrounding area. Thanks to SBC I have reached clients from Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area. Being featured on SCB has helped separate me from the pack as well as bringing value to my work. The brides that are searching you know what the badges mean on your website-- thanks to SCB I have been able to be a part of a few styled shoots and they have even been featured. Damaris works hard at keeping us connected. She truly has a passion for seeing us all grow together. Some of my closest industry friends have come from the styled shoots that were featured on this blog. I have now worked on several real weddings because of the relationships I have built here. There is no greater feeling in going to work a wedding than knowing that you trust the other vendors that will be alongside you that day." - Miguel Garcia

"I was recommended and made aware of your network during the last few months of 2019 not knowing what 2020 had in store. You offered a package that was hard to pass up. I felt lost because the wedding industry is so vast that I didn’t feel like I had a place in it or was making a genuine relationship. With the system you have in place that gives a small business an easy escape from their bubble I was able to create connections and meet so many talented and forward thing people. Also you yourself have been so relatable and even with the stress of 2020, you made me feel seen. Being outspoken and the most eloquent ways. The love and passion you have to help you network/communicate be successful made me passionate about SBC I want to help it succeed. It’s at a different level compared to other advertising or marketing platforms." - Veronica Lara

“Southern CA Bride has connected me to so many creative and incredible wedding vendors. I have become great friends with so many of them and in turn, I am booking amazing brides! I am so thankful for SCB!” - Kylee Hudson

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