Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mission San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session by Theresa Bridget Photography

"We took pictures at San Juan Capistrano because we were attracted to its rustic ambiance and it really fit our personalities. The specific locations we took our pictures in were at Mission San Juan Capistrano and Los Rios District. For our photo props, we used a vintage globe and luggage in our shoot to represent adventure. We love going on adventures and call our adventures "Incredible Adventures." The reason we call it Incredible Adventures is because Incredible starts with "I" for "Irene" and Adventure starts with "A" for Adrian. :) We also had big balloons in our shoot because Up was the first movie we watched together when we first started dating. The last prop we had was ice cream because we both love ice cream, so what better way to represent us than our favorite dessert.

Our photographers were the talented husband and wife team, Theresa and Greg of Theresa Bridget Photography. They were great in incorporating all of the ideas I had for the photoshoot from my Pinterest board." -the couple

Their love story: We started going to the same church in 2006. However, it wasn't until 2011 where we started getting to know each other more because we served on the same team during a missions trip to the Philippines. I started to notice Adrian because of His genuine love for Jesus and for others during this missions trip. After, we began hanging out together more in 2012 because we both had Disneyland annual passes. The more we hung out together, the more we both found out how we enjoyed each other's company and how we shared so many interests. After much prayer and a season of courting we became an official couple on May 21, 2013 at Shadow Oak Park. 18 months later, on November 22, 2014, Adrian proposed to me at the same park. 

If I were to give a cliff note version of our love story, I would say that our relationship exists because of God's sovereignty and grace. He is so good to bless us with each other! 

The proposalAdrian told me that we were going to celebrate our 18 month anniversary together and that he had the whole day planned for us. For the first stop, Adrian originally planned to surprise me with a hot air balloon ride. However, on the way to my surprise, Adrian received a phone call that they couldn't go on the hot air balloon ride that day due to weather conditions.

After the phone call, I told Adrian it was okay and suggested that we should just go to Disneyland instead (We are Disney fans and have annual passes (: ) . We spent a few hours at Disneyland, and Adrian made a comment about my nails, "When's the last time you painted your nails?" I replied back, not thinking much of his question, "I know right! They probably looked so unprofessional for parent teacher conferences!" (By the way, I'm a 4th grade teacher).

After Disneyland, Adrian said that we had dinner reservations, so we got ready at my house. There, I asked if I had time to curl my hair and paint my nails. Adrian told me that I probably only had time to paint my nails (again, not thinking much of it...he was thinking in advance for my nails to look pretty for all the ring pictures to come that night! LOVE HOW HE THINKS!). After getting ready, Adrian said that he wanted to take me to a special place really quick before our dinner reservations, since the hot air balloon ride didn't go as planned (which made sense, so I was suspicious).

Adrian ended up taking me to Shadow Oak Park, which was the same park that Adrian asked me to be his girlfriend. On the way there, I noticed some lights and tell Adrian, "How pretty! Look at the lights! How come they never have anything like this before?" As we got closer to the lights that were decorated at the park's patio, I noticed mason jar candles everywhere, a wooden treasure box, and a large chalkboard that was covered. Things slowly started to click for me that these things were all for me. We then start dancing to "Vie en Rose" and as we were dancing, Adrian stops and starts praying. In his prayer, he mentions, "God, you've been so good to us and whatever happens next in our relationship please lead us." Adrian then tells me to turn around. During this time, I was thinking that the covered chalkboard was probably not going to say "Happy 18 Month Anniversary"...and I was right. Adrian then tells me to turn around, and to my surprise, he was on one knee and presented a ring (with a help of a stormtrooper) in a wooden treasure box. He asked the question that was now displayed on the chalkboard, "Will You Marry Me?" I replied "Yes!"

I thought that the surprises for the day were over, but I was wrong. After a few minutes of being newly engaged, family and friends that were hiding behind a building the whole time surprise us. They were the ones who helped decorate the park's patio while Adrian took me out the whole day. Thanks to Adrian, my nails were just painted and picture ready for all the pictures we took that night with my engagement rin
g. Afterwards, we celebrated the night with all our loved ones at Lucille's in Chino.

Vendor: Photography: Theresa Bridget Photography

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Laguna Beach Engagement Session

"After I graduated college, I planned a 4 month, solo extravaganza around Europe. We had been dating about a year when I left and he decided what better way to end my trip than to meet me in Asia to venture around for 3 weeks. And that he did. We island hopped like nobody’s business! And the poor guy was a trooper, I had 4 months of luggage with me jumping from boat to boat.. he was the greatest travel companion and I was extremely grateful for his patience. We hiked to the top of a waterfall in the middle of Koh Phangan where we got a 180 view of the island. It was about an hour to the top, we were left drenched in sweat and smiles thanks to the jungle’s humidity, blazing sun, overgrown trail, and adventure. Once we reached the top, there was an old wooden sign marking the destination. We carved “S <3 M” into it and went on our merry way." -the couple

The proposalFast forward 2 years, we decided to return to Thailand. It was the BEST experience, most romantic, adventurous, relaxing, welcoming location we had traveled too. At this point in our relationship, I was ready to marry up. I was hoping this trip was going to be it, we were going back to “our” magical place. 

The first night in Bangkok made for an interesting one. We were sitting on the patio of a little Thai restaurant when I became overwhelmed with emotion. I cried, admitting that I was hoping this was “the” trip, and I knew it was crazy and I knew it wasn't going to happen, (We shared a bag and backpack. We were in and out of both bags, and he was so calm the whole time! There was no way a ring was in there.) I let him know I was okay with it not happening, I was just hoping for it and my emotions got the best of me. He reassured me to have faith, that he knew what I wanted and that he was working on it. After I got that off my chest and addressed the elephant in the room, we were golden.

We went on to enjoy a week traveling to new islands before making it back to Koh Phangan. On day 3 of being on the island, we decided to try to find the waterfall again. We rented a scooter and off we went. We returned to our favorite look out, this time it took almost 2 hours and we got lost! The path had become so overgrown, we ended up making our own trail. I remember feeling a bit of anxiety creating our own path but as mentioned before, I had my very own survival man with me who was determined to make it to the top. Like light peaking through clouds in a storm, we saw the rock peeking through the trees of the jungle. I remember jumping for joy with a feeling of relief we were no longer lost. We got to the top and I of course started taking video and photos. Shane told me to step down on a rock and get a picture of us with the view in the background. I began snapping away and on the 3rd picture, I turned the camera to make sure we were actually in it. We were not only in it, but he had the ring on his pinky finger, right above my head! I turned around, he popped the question, I blacked out, and of course said YES at some point in between. I cry every time I think of that moment. He had gotten “S <3 M” engraved on the inside of my ring. Needless to say, he nailed the engagement.

Vendor: Photographer: Camryn Clair Photography

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