Romantic Big Bear Lake Engagement Session

"This adorable couple braved the cold weather to have their engagement photography session in Big Bear with my "world's famous" rowboat.  They're laid back, carefree, fun, and we just click.  I just love the way they interact with each other because everything looks so effortless.  Plus, they are both very photogenic so my job was made easy.  I love my job, and many times because of couples like Liliana and William.  I can't wait to see these two again on their wedding day at Pine Rose Cabins.

I love Big Bear for engagement photography sessions.  It's not only because I have a small home studio here, but the beautiful and calm environment just change how you work.  You have the forest on one side and the lake on the other.  I enjoy being in the mountains in general so Big Bear is always my favorite place to take clients to." -James Tang Photography

Team of Wedding Pros: Photographer: James Tang Photography