Sunset Engagement Session

"During the Thanksgiving week of 2019, Rodrigo traveled a few days before me to California during his vacation break. My family lives in San Diego and we were planning on spending the holiday with them. I arrived on the day before Thanksgiving to a full house of family members. My cousins, aunts, and uncles were visiting from out of town (nothing unusual, they visit often!). BUT! On the morning of Thanksgiving day, I knew something was off because all my family members were insisting that I get dressed for Thanksgiving meal before I was even finished cooking, which we usually do in our pajamas. In the middle of all the confusion, Rodrigo asked to go for "drive" around the neighborhood. He took me to the cliffs in La Jolla with an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean. This place was special to us because we had one of our first dates there, and would go often during undergrad. I followed a trail of rose petals to a spot at which I could see many family members watching and taking pictures – they had been hiding behind some bushes! He began talking about his feelings for me, and his plans to share our futures together. He fell to his knee and asked me to be his wife! The boy did good :)"

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